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Communications & Information Flow Issues:

Below, are some of the 120 most-common problems our clients have reported over the past decade.
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Too many rules »

No staff meetings »

Ineffective workflow »

Too many meetings »

Don’t know market share »

Management by committee »

No clearly articulated purpose »

My boss doesn’t delegate to me »

Sales staff is insufficiently trained »

Changing priorities too frequently »

Parent company is suffocating us »

I don’t know what authority I have »

Inadequate lateral communication »

Inadequate sales support materials »

Individual responsibilities are not clear »

Do not know what the competition is doing »

Tasks delegated without sufficient authority »

No well-understood market penetration plan »

Too much unnecessary information received »

People don’t know what the real priorities are »

Sales quotas are not understood or accepted »

Company has lost touch with clients and market »

Organization makes commitments it cannot deliver »

Don’t know profitability of the bread-and-butter lines »

Two executives will not communicate with each other »

Organization’s annual plan not understood or accepted »

Not enough information received about what is going on »

Inadequate top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top communication »

Management too ambiguous on what it wants from subordinates »

People are expected to agree – even if they don’t know what about »