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People Issues & Mood of People Issues:

Below, are some of the 120 most-common problems our clients have reported over the past decade.
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Low productivity »

Wrong people fired »

Insufficient teamwork »

Too much deadwood »

No one to delegate to »

Low employee morale »

Staff training is needed »

Low management morale »

Personnel spread too thin »

Inadequate compensation »

Management by committee »

Old timers fight newcomers »

People used as scapegoats »

No incentive for selling more »

Too much unproductive conflict »

My boss doesn’t delegate to me »

Mood of company is not positive »

Too many people lack motivation »

Sales staff is insufficiently trained »

I don’t know what authority I have »

Inadequate lateral communication »

Back-biting or back-stabbing occurs »

We always seem to be restructuring »

Some of my staff members are lazy »

Individual responsibilities are not clear »

We don’t know how to motivate people »

Hiring tomorrow who we needed yesterday »

Firing today who we should have fired last year »

People, not situations, are blamed for problems »

Management training and development needed »

Departments concerned primarily with themselves »

Two executives will not communicate with each other »

We don’t apply our psychological testing tools effectively »

Inappropriate management style of some key individuals »

Organization or department revolves around one person »

Inadequate top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top communication »

Supervisor does not know how to treat own staff members »

Management too ambiguous on what it wants from subordinates »

People are expected to agree – even if they don’t know what about »