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Sales, Marketing & Clients Issues:

Below, are some of the 120 most-common problems our clients have reported over the past decade.
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Losing market share »

Insufficient teamwork »

Too much deadwood »

Low employee morale »

Insufficient advertising »

Inadequate equipment »

Staff training is needed »

Facilities not satisfactory »

Don’t know market share »

Inadequate compensation »

Many customer complaints »

High turn-over of employees »

No incentive for selling more »

Low repeat business requests »

Insufficient marketing research »

Too much unproductive conflict »

Mood of company is not positive »

Sales staff is insufficiently trained »

Inadequate lateral communication »

Inadequate sales support materials »

Production rather than sales-oriented »

What do we do about nuisance clients? »

Computers and Internet are under-utilized »

Not worried enough about the competition »

No well-understood market penetration plan »

Sales quotas are not understood or accepted »

Sales orientation rather than profit orientation »

Firing today who we should have fired last year »

Company has lost touch with clients and market »

Organization is slow to respond to market needs »

Organization makes commitments it cannot deliver »

Insufficient headquarters support for the field staff »

Don’t know profitability of the bread-and-butter lines »

Hard to predict how actual results will conform to budget »

Organization or department revolves around one person »

Inadequate top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top communication »

Supervisor does not know how to treat own staff members »

Inadequate commercialization of our competitive advantage »

Performance standards not tied to rewards and punishments »