Quickie Retreats

Quickie Retreats (alphabetical order)

Name Details Duration Approx Price


Making professional staff accountable ½ day $1k

Bad Managers

See “Managers, Good & Bad” below    


Discover how different parts of your enterprise may be out of balance and what to do about to get the business back in balance 2 hours $800

Boards of Directors

How and why to set up a Board ½ day $1.5k

Bonuses & Incentives

See “Incentives & Rewards” below    

Conflict Handling

How to get along with difficult people ½ day $1.5k


How to really delegate your work ½ day $1.5k

Defusing Emotions

See “Emotions” below    

Emotions Defusing

How to defuse emotions so that you can tackle the business issue directly and quickly 2 hours $800

Greatest Secret in the World

If you master this secret, you master your business and you master success 1 hour $500

Incentives & Rewards

How to properly activate people’s internal motivators to work for you 5 hours $1.6k


Guide to understanding the impact that an individual can have on the group that is being led ½ day $1.5k

Managers, Good & Bad

A look at managing dysfunctionality and how you can avoid it 3 hours $1.5k


The time-tested keys to successfully leading people and be a winning manager 1 day $2k

Mergers, why they fail

(see also ‘Merging…’ below)

A predictable pattern prevents most mergers from succeeding as planned. Learn the simple steps to avoid so that your merger will benefit 1 hour $500

Merging a new company with an old

Learn how to create and nurture a spin-off or an acquisition so that it works for you over both the short and the long term ½ day $1.5k


How to remove the barriers to motivation for your employees 2 hours $600

Moving your team to the next level

Steps you can consider to remove the barriers that prevent your growth 3 hours $800


How to negotiate 2 hours $600

Painless business meetings

How to run an effective business meeting ½ day $1.2k

Painless conceptual meetings

How to run effective meetings that probe into the unknown and get results doing it ½ day $1.2k

Painless meetings (all)

How to run an effective business meeting as well as how to run meeting that probe into the unknown and get results doing it. 1 day $2.1k

Problem-Solving Workshop

Shows the process for solving any problem 1 day $3k

Safe Environment workshop

How to create a means for staff to learn how to be open, frank and speak with candour ½ day $1.2k

Salesperson identification

How to identify successful salespeople and learn mistakes made in picking past salespeople 1 hour + 1 year $3k


What a group has to do to improve teamwork 1 day $1.9k

Time Management

How you can inject the discipline to save 7-1/2 hours per week 3 hours $700

The “Quickies” can be presented as topics to fit in your own organized retreat or lunch-and-learn session.

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