In-Depth Retreats

In-Depth Retreats (alphabetical order)

Name Details Duration Approx Price
Financial Unity How manager can make different departments blend financially to reflect the intended business model 1-1/2 days + a month $12k
Information Flow How to install systems that ensure the right information flows to the right people at the right time and in the right amount 5 days $13k
Mission Development Set clear direction for everyone in your company so that they all are rowing on the oars together 2 days $5k
Planning Your Year Laying out a Plan for the next year, with details of budgets, responsibilities and dates. In less detail, lay out two years and five years ahead. Your 30-page Plan report is included 2-1/2 days $15k
Problem Solving System Defining all the problem issues within the company, setting up the mechanisms to deal with them, resolving them and outlining the financial impact on the company the solutions will bring as well as training to carry on yourselves 3 day retreat + 6 months of Coaching $50k
Practical MBA A practical MBA course, of 12 phases of practical operations of any enterprise. Includes 12 books, one for each phase. 7 intensive days $10k per person
Strategic Alignment Review Re-aligning and reorganizing your company for success by assessing the issues before it, establishing priorities for addressing them – staring the inescapable mirror before you and the challenge it represents. 3 days $19k
Strategic Plan See “Planning Your Year” or “Strategic Alignment Review” above.    
Your retreat Facilitating your own design of a retreat Per day $1.5k

Retreat Options

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