Overnight Retreats

Overnight Retreats (alphabetical order)

Name Details Duration Approx Price

Management Secrets

Summary of best kept management secrets – fundamentals, many in conflict with conventional thinking 2 half days $5k

Problem Solution

Leading your team to get an ideal – better than acceptable – solution to your ‘impossible’ problem 2 days $8k


(see also Strategic on In-depth Retreats)

Discover and articulate the strategy of your company for moving ahead 1-1/2 days $3k


Avoid self-defeating structures and the temptation to tinker with your structure (which is often called restructuring). Get it right the first time 2 days $7.1k

Your retreat

Facilitating your own design of a retreat Per day $1.5k

Retreat Options

As performed by CCCC in: Calgary, Gatineau, Guadalajara, Guelph, Houston, Huntsville, Inuvik, Kitchener, Milano, Mont Ste. Marie, Mont Tremblant, Morelia, Mumbai, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Puerto Vallarta, Raleigh, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Saratov, St. Andrews, St. Petersburg, Ste. Adele, Toronto, Val St. David, Vienna, etc.