Success is manifested by happy clients. Here are many “success” statements:

(Listed alphabetically by city.)

“I was sceptical before I came but now I wish the session were even longer. It helped identify numerous problems my company is experiencing.”
Tyrone P., Calgary

“Last night I could not see how we could possibly articulate a result and put all this information together. Yet, here we are with it all organized today. This is a great process.”
Rob D., Calgary

“Thank you for delivering this seminar to us!”
Brenda P., Gatineau, QC

“I have never met such logical insights in a seminar before – that connects the dots we all knew about but somehow could not link on our own.”
Oscar H., Guadalajara

“Your session was innovative, full of ideas – yet all so practical. Congratulations”
Elena R., Guadalajara

“I have attended dozens if not hundreds of seminars and training sessions. This without a doubt was the best one ever.” Alejandro A., Guadalajara

“You should extend the time of this two-day seminar, no matter how much more the cost increment will be.”
Nora C., Guadalajara

“Your firm clearly sees the long term impacts of needed procedures that are fundamental to a corporation’s growth and survival.”
Pauline O., Houston

“Thank you for the insights into real business planning and what works to help a company become more successful.”
Paul H., Houston

“I not only appreciated the full scope of all the planning meeting was set out to achieve but I really appreciated the directness with which you came across.”
Paddy C., Houston

“I learned a tremendous amount of information in a very short time that I will be able to take with me over my entire career.”
Dorothy K., Houston

“CCCC insists on measuring with real data their company’s impact on the day-to-day affairs of our business and has the confidence to guarantees the fees back if we, as clients, are not fully satisfied.”
Ross M., Inuvik NWT

“You have had a significant impact on us, and how we work together and do things in this company. It is really starting to show through in many day-to-day things that we do now. Watching a company “get it together” and start to excel as a result of going through the CCCC process must make you feel good and make you rather proud, – kind of like when your kids grow up and have turned out to be successful.”
Marci M., Kitchener, ON

“I have learned that people are wired differently, therefore people react differently. Thus, I have discovered ways of achieving my goals, personal and job satisfaction. Of these personality types, which one applies to each of us? It was very good to identify ourselves. I think I’ll get to know myself better.” Sonia H., Mont Tremblant, Quebec

“Thank you for the definite pleasure of meeting you. I’m looking forward to working with CCCC on the next phase. So far it has been very interesting indeed!”
Kristjana C., Montreal

“In my 59 years I have never attended a seminar so informative, so helpful and so well laid out. Congratulations!” Sixto C., Morelia, Mexico

“Your seminar five months ago already has helped me beyond $10,000. I anticipate at least $5,000 more in the next six months because of the information you have just shared with us.”
Amador M., Morelia, Mexico

“This has been the most important learning session in my life.”
Vicente S., Morelia, Mexico

“I was very pleased with this learning experience. In my small business, everything you showed is applicable and I believe we can implement these principles in a brief form. A thousand thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with us.”
Alejandra M., Morelia, Mexico

“My experience with CCCC has been thrilling. I expected the process to be more complicated but the concept is very simple to implement. Yet it fits the gamut of the whole business. In just 7 hours of telephone coaching I have started applying the knowledge to immense benefit to my personal life and my work. Now, accountable to myself, every moment of mine is used to its best potential.”
Sangeeta B., Mumbai, India

“CCCC’s presentation struck me with its resonance and relevance – that a successful business is built on the respect and co-operation of its participants, who together are able to achieve higher objectives while respecting individual needs and personalities.”
Mark B., Ottawa

“Valuable, so very valuable – and it moved along really well.”
Nicole B., Ottawa

“It takes a stroke of genius to present profound truths simply – well done, CCCC!”
Vern R., Ottawa

“Thanks Bill.”
Hugh E., Ottawa

“We have seen a tremendous return on our investment in CCCC. The ratio of benefit gained to time invested in solving problems using the Caswell system is consistently 20:1.”
Dan T., Ottawa

“It was interesting to see how simple common sense explanations can be effective tool for advancement. Most of the literature and materials are basic and it is remarkable to realise that most people need to just be reminded of the fundamental principles of business.”
Ted M., Ottawa

“I expect to realize a financial impact of the given information of between $10k and $50k this year.”
Noel N., Ottawa

“Very insightful! I would recommend (this course) without hesitation. It’s a quality program, professionally delivered, with true bottom-line results.”
Pati J., Ottawa

“This course helped me to understand the proper structure of an organization, people, where my business is going and where I am going, and how to grow with the business.”
Marc B., Ottawa

“I have been enriched again by your spirit, knowledge, experience and vision.”
Francois M., Ottawa

“A very valuable exercise in breaking down behaviours and actions to make critical improvements in the company for our future.”
Michael M., Ottawa

“You taught me why we cannot, but must, learn to work as a team. Very helpful and enjoyable
Maureen C., Ottawa

“I will take away ideas worth $5k to $10k to me over the next few months.”
Bruce C., Ottawa

“The CCCC Methodology has quickly become an important part of our business strategy and environment. It works as CCCC said it would; they deliver.”
Jeff M., Ottawa

“In the space of 5 weeks after CCCC intervention, I achieved my goals at our prestigious and fast-moving high technology company, a growing, prosperous enterprise with offices in Ottawa and Calgary.”
Sanjiv K., Ottawa

“The insights go to the heart of a problem that I have wrestled with in Government for thirty years. That is how to cluster functions for most effective management.” Pat G., Ottawa

“I find the CCCC approach got down to key fundamental issues in a clear, easy way. This has helped me re-ignite the desire to bring my company to a higher level.”
Andre M., Ottawa

“Very enlightening.”
Chris J., Ottawa

“CCCC is very results oriented and delivers – like nobody else.”
Mona K., Ottawa

“Recognizing personality styles is easy, but focusing to ensure the required balance is in place is the difficult part. What an opportunity to learn the insights your organization offers. Thank you for opening the door to a better perspective about mine.”
Vicky G., Ottawa

“Very worthwhile exercise. Thank you CCCC.” Murray M., Ottawa

“Bill is an excellent speaker.”
Noel A., Ottawa

“This has to be one of the most interesting sessions I have ever attended.”
Brad M., Ottawa

“Excellent experience. Having an instructor with extensive, relevant background added significantly to the experience of the session.”
Angel N., Ottawa

“Great Job!”
Sharon C., Ottawa

“I am really charged. I can’t believe what I have seen these past few days.”
Kelly O., Ottawa

“Applying this information over the next year will be worth “$5 million to me.”
Roger I., Ottawa

“CCCC helped us assemble small teams that addressed a few of the critical issues from our list and a bowling-pin effect started to take place. Within 6 months, we had addressed 80% of the original issues.”
Don N., Ottawa

“I have been involved with Bill Caswell in volunteer work for over fifteen years. Bill was a tireless Chair of the organization, and a tireless committee worker when he was not Chair. Even when stepping back from the Board to pursue his business interests more aggressively, he continued to provide invaluable management advice to his successors. While still experiencing the turbulence of growth, our organization has more than tripled in size and budget over the period of Bill’s association with it.”
Paddy T., Ottawa

“I don’t know how I would have survived without you; I don’t know how anyone could survive without applying all or parts of the CCCC approach.”
Dave C., Ottawa

“The PAVF was really helpful and appropriate for this kind of team building activity. Thanks for allowing me to use it and bring it out into our world!”
Sylvia G., Ottawa

“CCCC helped our enterprise identify our weaknesses and generate ideas to address them, as well as showing us our strengths and how to build on them. It also gave us the methodologies and tools we needed to set sound strategies and act on them.”
Elizabeth H., Ottawa

“The improvements will have a positive impact on the bottom line. We’ve already saved downtime by identifying and solving problems better. From that standpoint we would not have done as well as we have done since.”
Charles K., Ottawa

“A hundred problems have been whittled down to less than six, and when new issues pop up, we use the CCCC system and tools to address them right away. We are managing problems more efficiently than ever before.”
David T., Ottawa

“Very interesting, to say the very least.”
Pierre L., Ottawa

“Thank you for inviting me to gain such remarkable insights; it was very enjoyable.”
Peter K., Ottawa

“Not only a fresh approach to solving management problems, but it appears to be one that will work!”
Eric D., Ottawa

“Good presentation – Good rhythm – Good content. What more can you ask?”
Richard G., Ottawa

“Can’t wait to attend the next seminar. I will recommend this to my friends.”
Beatrice L., Ottawa

“I thank you for the great opportunity to help me save between $50 and $100k over the next year.”
Amy B., Philadelphia

“What a great job! It was a worthwhile exercise in aligning the organization. I value it at over $100k”
Jan P., Philadelphia

“Your insight was extremely useful to all of us. You said what needed to be said and you kept us in focus. I walk away with at least $10k savings in my own area.”
Sharon P., Philadelphia

“Bill is a great facilitator. I was left wanting more information from CCCC for my own personal development. If our company can have the courage and foresight to implement this Plan, it will result in the company we have always wanted to create.”
Cathy H., Philadelphia

“This session was long overdue for us. It will be the catalyst to boost overall morale throughout the company”
Ben J., Philadelphia

“We covered an awful lot of material over the past two days. All of it is extremely useful and provides the proper foundation for the running and growth of our departments and our company. I definitely got a high ROI.”
Jim S., Philadelphia

“Your session for this company was remarkable in the positive effects it has already had on this company in one week. We survived our first one-hour management meeting and even finished on time. There is going to be a lot of positive change in this company.”
Kathleen H., Philadelphia

“Insightful! Made me review my business and responsibilities in a new light.”
Charlie N., Philadelphia

“When I see the reaction of my staff and we calculated an average ROI of 57:1 for this session, this has to be the bargain of the year.”
Joel A., Philadelphia

“Very interesting and useful information, I would love to have it instituted throughout my company.”
Jasmine A., Puerto Vallarta

“I realize now that all the doctors in my hospital need this course, not just the administrators – and they need it badly.”
Dr. Liza R., Puerto Vallarta

“Your program is great! One idea alone is worth $100k to me.”
Roberto F., Puerto Vallarta

“I got so much more out of this than I expected; I really enjoyed looking at the people aspect of business. This was a really deep, active, positive experience”
Julie G., Puerto Vallarta

“This program was very important for me to help me be better at my job. I will save $10k to $50k this year because of it.”
Gabriella R., Puerto Vallarta

“This is a great course and I congratulate you. It is so important, I think you should allow more days for it.”
Francine D., Puerto Vallarta

“Learning new and different points of view, as offered in this seminar, was invaluable.”
Angelica R., Puerto Vallarta

“Without me realizing it, the seminar has reinforced that everyone has individual strengths that dominate our decision making, our work and our group results.”
Jackie M., Puerto Vallarta

“This interesting approach was highly useful. We need something like this in our company.”
Lourdes A., Puerto Vallarta

“No matter how much we think we know as CEOs, CCCC always introduces us to thoughts that leave us recognizing that we have to go back to our offices and apply these new approaches, if we are not to get behind.”
Bob W., San Francisco

“By focusing on teams to solve problems, CCCC’s method has strengthened team work at our company and it has created a mindset to address problems as they arise and to proactively raise and address issues as we grow our organization.” Dan P., San Jose

“I see one miracle after another happening around here because of the overall impact of the CCCC approach.”
Valeri T., Saratov, Russia

“The first retreat we did two years ago was useful. But in this session we covered a lot more; we got into very detailed areas in two days, a lot of information, avenues to bust out and improve. I’m leaving here happy with the tighter bond with everyone.”
Andre B., St. Andrews, ON

“It is with great pleasure that we award you, William Caswell, best paper of the session.”
Dr. Gehart H., St. Petersburg, FL

“Fantastic work – it gives me a sense of hope for our organization which is constantly dealing with change.”
Esther V., Toronto

“I am going to investigate your books to learn more – a lot more.”
Cindy J., Toronto

“Over the next 12 months the financial benefit of what I have learned, I must say, although I don’t know for sure, but it must be around $2 million.”
Mark N., Toronto

Jacques D., Toronto

“I certainly learned that more than eagerness of workers is required to make a team successful.”
Andrew G., Toronto

“I am hopeful that all our executives will be trained in these management concepts and proper problem-solving skills. We will recommend you.
Kathy M., Toronto

“I would love to see all of my company access your method.”
Jacquie R., Toronto

“Bill’s experience, insight and practical approach to finding what works for us has been invaluable in the growth of our firm both in the economic sense and as a recognized leader in our field of law.”
Jim L., Toronto

“What a way to end a conference.”
Dr. Cindy G., Toronto

“Excellent! A real eye opener – good tips that can be applied to practical situations.”
Allen G., Toronto

“Excellent use of my time. In fact the best use of my time, ever.”
Leslie R., Toronto

“Every investment analyst, fund manager and every stockbroker who selects companies in which to invest, should study CCCC. Applying these ideas will indicate whether the organization in question will continue to grow, and prosper.” George A., Toronto

“Our firm is successful and very proud of it. We think, in fact we know, we have been doing many things right. But in the space of a few hours you have enlightened us in a way that we realize we must get back to the drawing board if we are going to meet our company’s dreams.”
George M., Vancouver

“I am very proud of my team, but I must say they have all been made significantly better by CCCC’s insights.”
Chantal J., Vienna, Austria