Best Kept Management Secrets

The evolution and progress of all companies is as predictable as the rising and the setting of the sun each day – and it is predictable in your company too. Understanding the predictable patterns, you can forecast where your organization is going next, your next set of problems before they happen and when you could fall off the business evolution pyramid to your own destruction. See why business pitfalls happen and what you can do to avoid them. Delve into explanations for the behavior of your managers, how wrong decisions are made, why things don’t get done, how structures can impede progress, how to harness conflict and how to resolve deep company problems. Take this learning home to build yourself a stronger enterprise. 2 half-day sessions (8 hours)

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April 14th & 15th
Nuremberg, Germany

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May 8th & 9th
Sheraton Hotel Downtown
Ottawa, ON

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