The Great Leader
I am often asked, “What makes for a great leader or manager?” The answer is
straightforward. A great leader is one who is in awe of his employees. It is that simple. A
great manager has tapped into the heart and soul of the employee in such a way, that the
employee will move heaven and earth for the leader. As a result, that employee will
perform amazingly, impressing the boss no end.

Separating Management from Leadership
First, and foremost, to avoid confusion, it must be understood that a key role of a manager
is to show leadership. Leadership is but one part of the management puzzle. A good
manager knows how to lead.

Leadership involves setting a direction for others, getting them to move along with the
leader and with each other with competence, full commitment and enthusiasm.
Leadership results in people being happy to follow and somehow being imbued with the
mystical feeling of everyone being at one with everyone else. Because of leadership, the
workers have the feeling that binds people together.

Managing as defined by Elliot Jaques
The business guru, Elliott Jaques, defined the role of the manager as being responsible as
1. The manager must be held accountable for the work results of each subordinate.
2. The manager must add value to each subordinate’s work (and each subordinate
must feel that value is being added by the manager).
3. The manager must be able to operate and sustain a team of subordinates, each
one capable of doing their work.
4. The manager must set the direction for the subordinates (leadership).
5. The manager must have the team move in the common direction set, in an
effective, collaborative, and enthusiastic way (leadership).
Managing and Leadership
It lies at the heart of the ability of an organization to muster every ounce of creative
human energy from its people. Exercising leadership is possible for every person filling a
manager’s role.

Manager’s Authority
Understanding what the manager must do, the manager must be given the appropriate
1. To have the right to veto any person about to be added to the team
2. To have the right to decide about the tasks to be assigned to any team member
3. To have the right to appraise each team member
4. To have the right to assign merit awards (within policy) for each subordinate
5. To have the right to decide, after due process, that a team member who is not
capable of doing the work assigned, shall no longer be a member of the team.

Capable managers strongly value getting subordinates to work together with them and with
each other, with full enthusiasm being necessary. Building a sense of collaboration is a
prime leadership essential.



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