In 2014, a client asked me: “Bill, was there ever a specific moment in your life of true enlightenment?” My answer follows:

Sometime early in my life, I don’t remember when, I felt it was important to be honest, not only to
others, but especially to myself, not to sugar-coat my own poor actions or rationalize them away, nor to
make excuses. As well, I felt it was incumbent upon me to be respectful – even to my enemies.

Besides that, I had two other enlightening moments.

The first occurred when I was about 20 years old and my father was having a seizure, wrapped in my
arms – the result of a brain tumor. Although I had been highly religious, at that point, my logic told me
that there could not be an overseeing beneficial God, because why would he punish this lovely man who
had been only happiness in my life and for everyone that knew him? Why would my mother have to be
alone to look after 6 children and a disabled man (my dad) with no money, no insurance, etc.? At that
point, I knew I had to create my own spirituality. I could not turn to anyone else for help. Nor could I
expect to be forgiven if I strayed; there was zero tolerance for me. Nor could I expect life to be ‘fair’ but
had to adapt to whatever the situation presented. I continued to follow the mantra I had begun with –
of honesty, sincerity, and respect with no expectation of some final reward (heaven).

A last point to my mantra was that of sharing, so I have been giving to charities all my life, and those in
need – so much so that my tax accountant suggested I was giving “too much” which I quickly countered
with “not enough”. I give to companies too, assisting small companies or ‘poor’ companies by cutting
my rate in half, and sometimes (as I have been doing now for about 3 months) helping a company at no
charge whatsoever.

Answers to large questions of life have to be found. Fortunately, I discovered them in science where
explanations offer clarity and ultimately, simplicity. Scientific answers are readily verifiable by any third
party. In the last 100 years, not a single scientific fact has been overturned. The fact may have been
enhanced or refined, but not overturned. 400 years ago, Galileo with his telescope saw two moons
around the planet Jupiter and anyone else who would look at the same spot with a telescope could see
them. However, the church ruled that it was impossible, suggesting that Galileo’s telescope was ‘fixed’
and persecuted him till he died. All the poor man was doing was seeking truth about the unknown.

To conclude, following the path I have outlined above has made me a very happy man. I have never
been happier than I am today. I am completely fulfilled. My children, whom I adore, keep showing their
affection towards me even though they live far away.

The second moment of illumination occurred around 2011 when I felt all my effort coaching companies
was being wasted. The participants agreed with my presentations, but the moment I departed them, it
was as if the preacher had left the church, and people reverted to their previous bad habits. Not only
that, but I began to think that no one believed me when I talked about how the brain worked. I
considered closing down CCCC and was planning where I would retire to, having come up with 6
desirable locations (Mont Ste Marie, Baie St. Paul, [both in Quebec] Ajijic, [Mexico], Midland, Stratford
[both in Ontario] and Vienna).

Then I read a scientific magazine that referred to a psychologist with thinking about the brain that was
similar to mine. This was Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner, who had written a book called
“Thinking, Fast and Slow”. This book confirmed completely all the thoughts I had been preaching – and
about which, before that moment, I was starting to form doubts. Upon reading the book, I called Dr.
Kahneman who was highly impressed that I was practicing these concepts and in fact he underplayed his
own importance. He told me something like: “I just played around with ideas, but you actually did
something with them! That’s much better than my contribution”. This inspired me to continue on the
path to help good, hardworking people – through companies, of course, attempting to make the world a
better place for all, with whom I came in contact.

To add a last comment to my Dr. Kahneman note, instead of allowing CCCC to stagnate as it had been
doing previously, I began to energetically build it: A year ago, I added a full-time assistant, Alex (who will
make her third trip to California with me later this month). I have added a Project Coordinator, Anika, to
my staff. Also, Mike McKay (engineer, astronaut, MBA), is now facilitating planning sessions for us. Our
operational space has, out of necessity expanded. Another bit of news is that we have set up
representation in the state of California (added to Russia, Germany, Florida and Mexico). The CCCC
activity is such in Mexico that I will give up skiing to spend the full month of January there looking after
things. (This is a joke for some people.) Our sales doubled last year and appear ready to double again
this year.

I hope I have answered your question.