While the strengths of each of the PAVF characteristics are to our advantage, we ourselves are left with a demonic curse, no matter our dominant characteristic.


Impatience is the curse of the P.  So anxious to get things done, we as a recognized P, rush ahead, which serves us well quite often; but we go ahead even when we know we may not be right.  We don’t ‘have time’ to stop to check the details and take the risk that things will work out all right or that we can fix the error, later.  However, we curse ourselves afterward with major, costly blunders.

Our impatience also makes us very intolerant of others, especially those who seem to dawdle along, so we carry a constant burden of anger and frustration.

Another curse is that we can’t relax.  We can’t just sit on the verandah and drink a mint julep, watching the world go by with our friends.  We have to get up and do something – anything.  We are always in a hurry.


 Order is what we like and are good at.  Our curse is that so many others out there have no order whatsoever.  They make a constant mess and we are left to clean up their mess.  And no one appreciates our efforts to bring order to the self-made chaos.

We are the one who comes equipped with pen and paper or whatever the task requires, and others, unprepared, are always borrowing our supplies – and never returning them.


 Lack of organization curses us with an inability to manage details especially our own personal budgeting.  We are cursed with a lifetime of money problems, unless our creative talent creates a lucky windfall – always our distant hope.

 We are constantly confronted with people who can’t seem to see the simple picture we paint of our ideas or plans.  They have so many “no’s” or can’t even see where we are leading, even though the picture is quite clear.

No matter what we look at, we tend to ask disturbing questions.  Instead of seeing a delicious doughnut, we agonize over the hole in the doughnut.


No one will do the unwanted task, so our cooperative nature, as an F, makes us jump in and do it – even though we may hate the task.

We are cursed with ‘giving in’ most times, to avoid a confrontation with another person.


© W.E. Caswell, 2002

Continue having a great summer.

Bill Caswell