Too few projects

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Depth of problem

If not enough sales are coming in the door, this Sales issue sits at level 2 of the Problem Depth Chart. On the other hand, if some people have many projects while others have too few, it will be either an Accountability issue, level 4 or Mood of a key Individual, level 5, problem.

What you can do now for free

(a) If the situation has left your sales results in a poor situation, get the team together to discuss and plan a few simple, preliminary, steps to adapt to the new market reality. (b) If it is not clear who is responsible for what, clearly define three specific tasks for each person so clarity pervades. (Later when there is more time, expand from three tasks, upwards.) (c) If a leader is showing favouritism, institute a review of the project assignments.

What you can do now for a low cost

(a) Learn about how to conduct sales from a proven book on the subject or read the sales advice of Volume XI. If sales-planning is the shortfall, learn about it in Volume VIII. (b) If accountability is at the root, then examine how to make sales staff more accountable in Volume IX. (c) If a leader tends to favour some people, then introduce objectivity with an accountability system as detailed in Volume IX.

What CCCC feels you should really do

Engage in a Problem-Solving Issue solution program to arrive at a clear solution or arrive at some options for solutions. From there, decide on your next step.

Problem Depth Chart