No staff meetings

“Doesn’t anybody communicate with anyone else around here?” “Why are we always tripping into what has been done twice and what has not been done at all?” might be some of the resulting questions.

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Depth of problem

This is level1 stuff, tying into Miscommunications on the Problem Depth Chart.

What you can do now for free

Miscommunications is the single most common company concern that we at CCCC run into. Its solution is fairly simple. Hold a meeting with peers once a week. Make it only 1 hour long (except the first one to get rid of a long backlog). Set it at the same time each week outside of key productive hours. Take bullet-form minutes and circulate within 24-hours so everyone knows what they are supposed to do and can get on with doing it.

What you can do now for a low cost

Learn how to create effective meetings once and for all. Effective is measured by people saying “That was a great meeting.” It is having a sense that things were achieved at that meeting. Volume III has a chapter dedicated on how to have effective meetings.

What CCCC feels you should really do

Hire CCCC to show you what you save by getting a handle on effective meetings. As well, the Painless Meetings (Business and Conceptual) session includes a workshop with one of your real meetings.

Problem Depth Chart