Low productivity

With a drop in productivity, a decline in profits must follow. Such a decline in profits is not tolerable.

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Depth of problem

Declines sit at level 1, Wastage or a Crisis of the Problem Depth Chart. In this case it is the result of a deeper Productivity problem, level 2 of the problem chart.

If the result can be attributed to a change of manager or leader, this spirals you deeper to level 5, Mood of an Individual.

What you can do now for free

If you have changed production processes that were successful before, then go back to where you were.

If a market change has left you out in left field, get the team together to discuss a few simple, preliminary steps, to adapt to the new market reality and the production strategy to get there.

If a new leader has completely changed the policies, institute a review of those changes immediately.

What you can do now for a low cost

Learn about strategy and how to regain your position in Volume VIII.

What CCCC feels you should really do

If a quick reversal does not set you on the path to recovery, consider taking one of three actions: (a) Set up a one-day team Consulting Session to deal with the productivity crisis.

(b) Institute a 2-day Annual Plan session to plot an agenda over the next few months to get the productivity back. (c) Take a deeper look at the company’s issues to resolve the problems that are really causing the hurt. This is done with a self-designed 3-day strategic shake-up, the SAR (Strategic Alignment Retreat ).

Problem Depth Chart