Budgets not met

Is this a lack of discipline, a lack of understanding or was it created by an unexpected situation? However, more likely it is a deeper issue of Planning or training.

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Depth of problem

As a lack of discipline, a lack of understanding , at first glance this could be a temporary Crisis, a level 1 problem or it could be a Money issue, a level 2 concern on the problem depth chart. If it is the more likely Planning or training issue, it will lie at level 3. Quite, possibly, it is submerged as an Accountability (level 4) concern on the Problem Depth Chart.

What you can do now for free

(a) If this is a newly discovered situation or a crisis, you need to meet as a group to deal with the immediate or impending cash implications.

(b) If this is simply a money matter without drastic implications, restrict people’s spending until the expenses get back in line with the budgets.

(c) If it is more serious, an issue of training or planning, meet as a group to plan out these financial matters over the next immediate three months.

(d) If it is an accountability issue, address the individual who accountable for the budget-care responsibility.

What you can do now for a low cost

Read (a) Volume XI on cash management or (c) Volume VIII on planning and training . (d) To assist in understanding accountability, read Volume IX.

What CCCC feels you should really do

Cash is king. This should be understood company-wide. For a Baby or near start-up company, hire an experienced cash flow consultant or accountant to monitor daily cash.

For a larger organization, realize that cash shortages have to be addressed urgently. Set up an Annual Plan meeting quickly to deal with this specific cash flow issue. View this as an immediate short-term approach. For the longer term, you need to identify the major issues confronting the company. Consider engaging in a Problem-Solving System session to get to not only the immediate issues but the deep-seated root causes.

Problem Depth Chart